Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Apotheosis of Number 23

Okay, so a friend of mine was in college. He was taking a course in “Critical Thinking.” One day he came home with a sheet of paper written about “The Guidos.” He was quite excited about these people. Classmates were equally excited. The paper said that “Jersey Shore” (An MTV show that featured the “Guidos.”) was quite popular because it was—if a reality show can be—the most raw and natural of them all.
“Guidos” are a subculture of East Coast Italians who have no fear or shame in being themselves. They enjoy a rather Bacchanalian lifestyle of spray- on- tans, drinking, promiscuity, weight lifting, fancy cars, narcissistic interludes, infantile egoism and a disregard for any rules, principles or ethics that affect society as whole. Yet, they are triumphant in all that they do. Probably has much to do with the innate quality of just not giving a sand grain about how other people feel about them. I was intrigued.
Since I am originally from Philadelphia, I thought of South Philly where the Italians segregated themselves. I felt what I read in the paper was not so different from the South Philadelphian Italians I knew over 30 years ago, except back then they all wore “Italian horn” necklaces. Yet, they appeared to be the same group of people with plastic covered furniture, greased back hair, ethnocentric, arrogant, proud of their heritage and quite argumentative and passionate with their families. Consequently I just had to see “Jersey Shore.”
And then….
There was….
She is queen of the 23/5’s
Unrestrained. Uninhabited. Boisterous. Rebellious. Fun loving. Easy to like. A rolling stone with addictions. Nymphomaniac. Alcoholic. Exciting. Adventurous. LOVES attention. Seductress.
This is precisely what Mystical Numerology interprets Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi as being. She is the apotheosis of the Number 23. Not only is she born on the 23rd of November which makes her a Sagittarius, but her life lesson comes out to 23 as well. And she lives in this energy to the highest degree with a perfect blend of positive and negative attributes. The defiance and self-centeredness of Sagittarius is a well worn cape in her adventures.
Firstly, I must admit that I cannot interpret her name, for there is something off about it. I don’t think this is the name that was on her birth certificate, therefore, I cannot interpret it because it would be false. However, the name she has now has a lot of 5’s in the heart and this would be enhanced by the 23/5’s of her birth path.
11 – 23 – 1987 = 11 + 5 (23/5) + 7 (1987 = 7) = 23/5
Double 23/5
So let’s look at the 23/5 pattern.
This pattern is a wonderful one because it moves with others, brings in self-expression, and expands outwards with curiosity and action. The 2 seeks cooperation with others, is highly sensitive, likes inclusion, likes attention, is intuitive, yet moody. The 3 is childlike, filled with yang energy, is ambitious, social, loves the opposite sex, is optimistic, enthusiastic and scatters energy. The 5 seeks new adventure, is investigative, addictive, compulsive, intelligent, fast moving, restless, anxious, loves travel, seeks to please and is drawn to money and new things.
23/5 is known as an auspicious pattern. Most people who have this (Ozzie from “Survivor” is another double 23) usually have an easier life than others. The 23/5 brings in good fortune and most times these people do not have to struggle a lot. If they do it is primarily from others around them that present obstacles. The 23/5 is a pattern for sexuality. Most with this pattern have a very healthy libido, but do not like limitations or restrictions with sexual encounters, for it must be freely expressed and not inhabited at all. There is a lot of pornography around this pattern too. Limitations of any kind, but especially with sensuality and sexuality is abhorred and fought against. All of their senses are alive and tingling. Taste, touch, smell and hearing are enhanced. Everything must sound good, feel good, taste good and be tangible.
The luck of the 23/5 can be irritating for others. Seems these people ride on a magic carpet, for they are likeable, can engage in conversation with anyone, love to seek variety and diversity, have emotions that can turn on a dime, and seem to fly out into the world like Peter Pan and Wendy. They love life. They love excitement. And have considerable energy that is unrestrained. They have an ability to weave in and out of social groups and engagements quickly. They love laughter. They love to party. They love freedom at all costs. But mostly they can be excellent writers, for they are gifted with using words. Snooki has her own language of sorts. They are best in public arenas and usually do well as motivational speakers, lecturers, actors or actresses. They adore the spotlight.
When I initially viewed Snooki I was taken aback. I wondered how much of her was “staged.” But then when she flopped into bed drunk, with urine stained panties, got up, tossed them away and just blazed onwards to a new adventure, I felt she had to be major 5 energy. Her lust for attention, need for attention, always attention grabbing and demanding attention is a high quality of the 23/5. When I looked at her birth path—seeing too she is a freedom loving Sag—I no longer was taken aback, but knew—and know—this woman to live in the fullest expression of a double 23/5. Pavarti on “Survivor” was also a 23/5 and quite seductive.
Consequently, there is nothing surprising about Snooki. She is the 23 Queen. These individuals will not be restrained, will not tolerate limitations, will rebel against restrictions, and must have a sense of freedom at all times. Snooki is the apotheosis of freedom unrestrained. And this is precisely what her patterns interpret her as being. To have any other expectations of this lady is not only absurd, but ridiculous.
Snooki is shocking. There is much disdain for her. Yet, is this disdain shown only from people who are limited, who have capitulated to mythologies in our culture, who are contained, boxed or confined to other’s viewpoints and expectations? Snooki represents freedom of self just as Lady Gaga represents being your own twisted individual at all times. Although a lot of Snooki’s antics are frowned upon one has to realize that those occasions—when she is humping a tree, exposing her vagina for club goers to see, falling down drunk in front of police officers—are flights of freedom. Her antics boldly go against the puritanical society we live within. She tears at the masks we all wear. Snooki mocks convention. She overrides pretense. She slaps the faces of the hypocrites. She kicks the backsides of automatons. Snooki gives to us that boundless freedom we all long for, the adventure of spirit, the escape into the bizarre, the living of the lust, the letting go of all conditions, conditioning and hoodwinking. Snooki’s natural antics lift us from the gross material and send us flying through constellations and stars, littered with stardust and hearts that want to burst out of our chests. She is a symbol of how caged we are in our pretense of being that which we were never intended upon being; caged humans in a righteous society that makes no sense whatsoever; a buggered society that bullies it’s people for no other reason than to just be bullies.
Snooki opens our cage doors and lets us fly with her daring, audacious behavior that never shrinks, never apologizes and never cowers from another’s viewpoint. Even though there is sensitivity with this lady that becomes easily absorbed into a child’s adventure to get out in life and explore her sensuality and sexuality for her own individual self. Instead of looking at her with disdain she should be admired because she does make us realize how trapped we are within a prudish, rigidly pragmatic society that seeks to objectify the very nature of our well being.
Naturally, Snooki—as a Sag double 23/5—-scoffs at this and jumps on her cosmic motor cycle to seek new adventures and tantalization of her sensuality, which is our sensuality. Snooki is boundlessness. She is the individual burst forth from the cosmic vulva with arms and legs spread wide to open herself to be in the world and gobble up the world at the same time. Snooki is receptive and explosive at the same time for her energy is of expansion, universal and sentient. This woman’s life is based upon the free spirited nature that must have many experiences and nothing can be done about it. Yet, at the same time, through her actions, she makes us realize just what jerks we are to step into our own gilded cages to restrict our own sense of freedom. And what is the means to an end to that? Snooki may call it “partying,” but she deliberately goes against the grain and leaves such conventions to the fops and cash-ins to stew in their own capitulation to a prudish herd. Her entire pathway is to express a limitless being to expand others to see greater possibilities no matter how absurd or disgusting we may think these are. They actually are not. They are just not bound to the tags, titles and chains of hypocrisy. Live it. Don’t dream it.
Snooki should master her philosophies of freedom and be a motivational speaker to release others to a sense of letting go from the over-burdening thing that hardens us all called “guilt.” Called shame. Called sin.
That’s what Snooki tells us. And we need someone this bold, this obnoxious, this carefree, this Puckish and this rebellious to show us just how limited we are within the herd and just how much we all long to LET GO, find new synergy and excitement within our society to be who we are at all times. Since we human beings are consistently inconsistent someone like Snooki reminds us that if we Let Go we take a risk of opening ourselves to be much more miraculous and titillating that what we are. We are not such controlled robots that mimic what is expected. We are wonderfully as bizarre as we are in our dreams. We know, given the change, we could rip our clothes off, race down a tight rope on tippy toes, dive into the abyss and laugh until our innards burst. Yet, how many of us entertain these notions? We remain shackled to the pragmatic woes of our culture.
Instead of feeling disdain for Snooki, perhaps we need to feel this for our own boxes we allow others to place us in. Snooki’s extremity decries the severity of our repression. Snooki loves life in all its perversity and obnoxious beauty. Why can’t we?
And when was it that we capitulated?
And for what purpose?
Are we happy about this?
How can we express our own flight of the free spirited beings we actually are?
Takes a Sag double 23 to make us ponder these things so deeply that in our own dreams we fight for Snooki’s release.

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