Compatibility through Numbers

Within the origin of our dimensional being we are actually nomadic, yet we are interlaced together with this wandering. Our being nomadic is not based upon loneliness or isolation, but based upon freedom of movement within niches that always joins to create another new niche. Once established that niche is forever our home, but we journey, with home in our hearts of the niche, to continue with our adventures together. We do not lack for anything because as a homogenous force we are already linked one to another through wave lengths that cannot be destroyed. Henceforth we are already one within each other and do not need to despair.
Only when we allow ourselves to be deadlocked into societal definitions do we lose this connection or think we do, which becomes an illusion. When we exist in this third dimension, which is the heaviest of all dimensions, we are bond to the energy of the collective unconscious—if this is what we choose. We therefore become a part of the woes that are not vibrational, but extremely heavy in content that is grafted into our organic form. Our organic form acts as a sponge through our antennae-senses and holds onto energy absorbed from the collective unconscious.
One of these forms of energy is mating, which our societies use to propagate the species, yet we get lost in the romance of the collective unconscious and suffer when we don’t have to suffer at all.
One tenet of the human collective unconscious is the search for the soul mate, which we are already a part of because we have created that niche within our origins. Consequently, the search for a soul mate becomes redundant then filled with too many expectations that are dictated to us by the stratification within our society’s collective unconscious. In actuality, by our allowing ourselves to be adrift from our true dimensions— and let go of our authenticity as nomads—– we lock ourselves into dictates that don’t exist at all. And then we fill our form with this energy, which becomes a part of our nervous system cells and brain functions. We stalemate ourselves by choosing to believe in things that can never really exist.

That being said everything is energy, therefore everything is vibration and everything is based upon wave length. Some wave lengths repel and repulse each other because they do not vibrate together, but it does not mean they separate from the unit of wave lengths. What I am saying is that sometimes we vibrate with another being and sometimes we don’t. This has nothing to do with destiny at all. This only has to do with sharing of the niche of those vibrations and this does not mean there is any greater design outside of our own choices to either move to a new niche or remain stagnant in the niche we already created.
Let me give you a couple of examples. I am once again working with a developmentally disabled client who I worked with six years ago. He has severe cerebral palsy and comes from a loving and protective Hispanic family. They are very fussy about his care. I always worked with him well; quite well. Since I left another provider has not been found, so I returned to work with him. Now, this is not to say I am a miracle worker or some sort of angel-winged caregiver. This is only because He and I vibrate quite well with the 21/3 energy. That’s it. We share this niche and it is fun and optimistic. I don’t really care for care-giving at all because the dependency from another is too suffocating for me and I always have to be aware of co-dependency. But, with this specific individual I see our union as a niche and not care-giving. We vibrate together. That’s all. And there are many, many developmentally disabled individuals I do not vibrate well with; therefore, I don’t see me as belonging to the niche of DD/care, but within a niche of the 21/3.
Also, I don’t have a lot of 4’s in my angstroms and I know instantly when I come across a person who has a high frequency of fours. They are usually very fixed, inflexible, determined, argumentative and control freaks. I am repulsed by this energy. However, if I choose I can be with someone with 4’s because I can learn greater rationale, practicality, dedication and commitment. Consequently it comes down to my choice of nomadic movement.

Normally, one would think I was not destined to be with specific individuals because all they do is pique me to no end. Defining this as destiny becomes perilous and defeats any opportunity for me to move to a new niche, say one that bonds with 4 energy. I do not see this as destiny, but my own choice. Even though I steer clear of most 4 energy, I still move into the niche through friendships and nothing more. I could never have an intimate relationship with an individual with a high frequency of 4 because I would be trapped, oppressed and controlled. But I can remain in a different niche that is not intimate and feel relaxed with a sense of stability and security. An intimate relationship would feel too contained and confined; owned and ordered about according to their routine and sense of values, which would not change. And their 4 energy learned to express this through the collective unconscious because it certainly is not an absolute within the 4 energy. Over years of evolution in this third dimension this is what the 4 energy has become, but only within the continuum at this time.
There is no destiny in numbers because they are wave lengths and there’s no destiny with wave lengths. Just as some notes can play greater music together this is the same with people, but there is no such thing that one absolutely cannot be joined with the other. There is always a way to find cooperation.
The cooperation might be difficult because some of us just don’t carry energy that nails us to the definition within this world, within our society. For instance, marriage. Not all of us have charted this in our blueprint and therefore marriage would be a challenge. But this is okay as long as we accept this into ourselves. We don’t have to be corralled into the collective unconsciousness “general will” or external conformity. When we do this we suffer.
By-the-by, we are talking about wave length, which is energy, which in turn is vibration. We can vibrate high with a person because we share the same niche of energy or we can be repulsed by a person because we do not share that niche. Yet, we can always find the sweet spot of cooperation to learn to acclimate to a new niche and once we do our diversity within our niche becomes much larger, we are more fulfilled.

Compatibility with numbers; we are already compatible, but we are much more nomadic then we are taught. We only come together to mate to propagate the species on this dimension. We are not selected within the cosmos to spend eternity with one person. If this happened we would cease to exist. So, there is no destiny. Yet, there are vibrations. And we should always welcome a chance to move through repulsion to open to a higher niche.
I move slowly and cautiously—yes suspiciously and wearily—with 4 energy and yet I am open to move into this niche, but armed with boundaries. I leap into the 21/3 energy with boundless enthusiasm, but I swim within this niche anyway and have for eons like a cosmic dolphin. Consequently, it all comes down to choice within our eternal nomadic existence.

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