As a member of Western Society I held management positions. I was a highly effective manager because I believed in team work. I was a successful manager because I used Mystical Numerology as a guideline for my employees. With the use of Mystical Numerology I understood not only the individual differences between people but also how I could help them get along with each other as individuals in a team that had to work together. Due to this I was able to maintain the same teams for many years, whereas other companies and organizations had a turnover of employees that was costly. Team coaching then became a skill. I did not explain to anyone, including CEOS, what my “secret” was. There was no need to, for that would switch focus and create an atmosphere that was not in step with business procedures.
Management was easy for me because I relied upon Mystical Numerology—-unbeknown to others around me in organizations and corporations. I had the wonderful ability to enhance employee’s potential and also have team meeting to discuss specific attributes each one carried and probabilities that should not be expected of another person. For instance within a team not everyone can have the same inward motivations to satisfy the “What’s in it for me?” Some individuals are just not assertive and want to follow the group. They should not be expected to do things an assertive person would do. However the non-assertive individual usually had great customer relations skills whereas the self-reliant individual was more geared towards ambitious purposes. This helped me chose supervisors accurately. Each individual therefore found himself/herself in a role that was comfortable and the team became healthy since roles of one another were respected. The teams had cohesion since I did not place unrealistic expectations on individuals who could not fulfill those wants and desires of management. All teams therefore respond from a place of harmony instead of competition, discordance and secret motivations.
The objective of this workshop is to teach participants how to become a “Team Coach” and/or “Team Consultant.”
For over a year I have been in full-time college courses. My motivation for this is to have an understanding of how, what and where Western Culture is evolving. Sociology, psychology and business courses have taught me that management in families, companies and corporations are moving towards team work. As a Mystical Numerologist I understand that since the year 2000 inclusion, a sense of belonging, the spirit of cooperation, harmony in groups and cohesion are main cosmic influences. Consequently—unbeknown to Western societies—all individuals are being swept in this new current. Western humankind will only look at this through measurable terms in sciences and technologies; however, since there is nothing definitive this is impossible to prove; the cosmic influences that become known as “metaphysical.”
Many practitioners work with individuals only and usually only a small percentage of the population. That percentage is around 8%. 80% of the populace in countries influenced by Western societies embrace Western values. Whether or not this is in cooperation with nature and the cosmos is not the question. The objective then is to move practitioners into bridging the spiritual/metaphysical into Western values and creating greater harmony in team/group intercommunications. Since team work is now highly valued there are many opportunities to work with organizations, companies, families and institutions to be a team coach and team consultant. The objective is to create healthy teams that respect individual roles and join together with the same motivation for the team. This is done by working with individual’s full positive potentials for future probabilities.
Opportunities today exist in bridging the spiritual with the material and working with the enhancement of teams/groups.


  1. How to use the acceptable terminology for Western humankind. To be a team coach and team consultant within Western cultures one must use the correct terms to have greater affects. Metaphysical terms than are replaced with current terms that are acceptable by Western societies.
  2. Understanding roles, primary and secondary groups, Western values and understanding individual motivation. Visualizing healthy roles.
  3. Working with individual’s birth dates. Each pattern/number of a person’s birth date has equal importance. Working with individuals’ intellectual capabilities, emotional, and ability to manifest. How to bring out full positive potentials within the group. Also understanding conflict with patterns and how to bridge these to bring in harmony.
  4. Briefly looking at birth dates for spirals and master numbers. Explanation of how these affect a person’s mission. Learning to help individuals live in the principles of master numbers for self and the team.
  5. Possibilities of mediation within group/team disharmony.
  6. Promote and marketing of self to others. Internet, e-mail, blogs, etc. Drawing up business plans to introduce self to markets.
  7. Beginning as a Team Coach and Team consultant. Working with families. Considering ho’oponopono techniques that are given Western terms instead of metaphysical terms. The importance is not focusing on metaphysical terminology, but focusing on bridging two worlds with harmony and consideration of what, how, when and where Western humankind is taught to understand the world/society around them.
  8. Briefly understanding Huna techniques to integrate conscious, subconscious and super-consciousness.

My motivation for teaching this workshop is to bridge two worlds with respect to each. My motivation also is to help move people into greater harmony within groups. Since 2000 the strife of the individual should no longer exist. If we allow ourselves to have participation with groups and teach harmony within groups by giving respect and value to individuals then we are moving with larger cosmic forces. The two worlds of Western science and technology compared to the metaphysical of intuition and ancient sciences can be bridged without opposition. Esoteric sciences that have guided mankind for thousands of year still maintain energy to guide mankind today. To do this requires creativity to use the proper community language that is comfortable for everyone. The power of words (kotodama) is an important fundamental. Practitioners today no longer have to work with only 8% of the population, but should open self up to work with everyone. Through Team coaching and team consulting practitioners can integrate into Western mainstream and share all gifts and talents with others. I cannot declare that my purpose will be your motivation; however, I do hope we share the same principles.
The workshop fee is $575. This is 8 hours of teaching. When participants receive their first clients this fee includes 2 hours of my consulting help with those clients. In Japan interpretation fees are separate and based upon the interpreter/translator.
In Japan if a participant has purchased the book, “Interpretation of Patterns with Mystical Numerology” the workshop fee is then $525.
In USA/Canada if a participant has purchased one of the e-books “Numerology for Christians” or “The Phallus from Smoon” the workshop fee is then $525. These books are available on
A monthly fee can be put into place then thereafter to have my on-going services to help in the accuracy of this performance.
*These workshops are conducted over SKYPE or in-person

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