Do Not Allow Yourself to be Reduced

At no time, within this moment, within the Now, or within tomorrow’s moments, yesterday’s time or any nanosecond you breathe air should you allow yourself to be reduced down to just one part of yourself by any means, contrivance or tactics used by another. You don’t deserve this, for you are entitled to live in the full well-being of your multitudinous self. And don’t allow anyone to tell you anything different.
To give an example, before I continue, we cannot allow ourselves to become one expression of our behavior to say that this is all that I am. If there is an unfortunate time in our life that our minds went berserk, we lost our job, yelled at loved ones and shut ourselves behind a door, does not mean this is who we are, but a behavior that manifested from the conditions around us. We are not a yeller. We are not a recluse. We are not a loser. And we cannot allow another person to dictate to us that this is who and what we have become, for we innately know this is impossible. Mostly; however, we cannot allow another’s conditioning, bad word choice, judgments, criticism and condemnations to seal an image in our minds of who we are. We all want to be forgiven for our behavior, when rash, and not have all of who we are punished continuously for expressing only one part of ourselves during times that brought in uncertainty and fear. Uncertainty and fear, after all, are conditions that all living things share while engaged in the survival of life on this sphere.
We are not just a vocation. We are not the product of accomplishment and success. We are not the only image mirrored in one person’s eyes. We are not just an automaton engineered by gender and we are not expectations manufactured in genes, DNA and cells. We are the multitudinous energy existing in all of these things at once. We cannot possibly allow another to cut us up and serve only that part of us they want and desire, or don’t want and desire. Even though we cannot allow ourselves to be cut up and served, if we are presented to another than all of who we are comes along with this offering and not just a piece of us that delights like the end corner of someone’s wedding cake.
We cannot be picked through, rummaged or ruminated as to what best serves another, but initially we cannot do this to ourselves; presenting only that piece of us that will impress, influence and gladden the face of others. We must; therefore, begin by appreciating all of who we are and not slice ourselves up to our own inspection, placing many parts in compartmentalized Tupperware that is stashed inside our selves, never to breathe the breath of our own diversity. We are many parts of our own whole and cannot, in any way, shape or form, be asunder. If we do this, or allow this to happen—whether mindfully or unintentionally— we go against not only the very principles of our country as stated in E Pluribus Unum, but we strike out against a principle that guides us through nature, which examples: nature loves diversity and only through diversity can unity be found. This is what E Pluribus Unum states as well. We must honor the principles around us, for they give to us examples of how to live within the fullness of our being in the fullness of the well-being of others.
Which brings me to the reason for this short piece.
In numerology there is something called, “digital reduction.” This means to reduce everything down to one digit, number or pattern. This is a practice widely used by Western Numerologist, but in actuality has nothing to do with the origins of numerology as an artful science. There is no such thing as digital reduction in numerology. Nothing can be reduced down to a single digit, number or pattern, for all of these are alive with their own frequency. One does not give up its vibrational existence to accommodate the next number in line or number coming after it. This just does not happen in nature and cannot happen around or in us. If this were so then we would see one giraffe inhaling all other giraffes into its’ bloated self so that it could have its one existence. Or we would see one birch trees gobble up a copse of maple trees to feel exuberant about its own existence. Or we would allow our child to cease from trying in his struggle to master math, since the student ahead of him had already been given an honor role status of math in that class. Numbers can subsume in one another, but not cease from their influence and vibrations, for what energy exists cannot be destroyed or diminished. If we don’t see this happening in nature, then, frankly, it cannot possibly exist. One mountain is not the only mountain in this world, and definitely not on other planets as well.
Many numerologists hand out pads and pencils to audience members so that they can write their birth days out in their laps. Then the numerologist instructs them to add all of who they are into one conglomerated clump at the end of the string of numbers. And what this does is diminish the living energy of those other numbers within an instant, as if they ceased to exist in the first place. This, my friends, is impossible. Even Pythagoras—-who never practiced numerology—-saw all numbers as living entities, just as the ancients did and named them various gods and goddesses. They are alive and keep in mind for every number there is an equal letter, color and musical note that subsumes within the essence. As colors blend together to create another color, and notes create octaves, numbers also follow this process; however it is the process of the numbers and their frequency within the Now that must be interpreted and not an end result. Most times the number that those numerologists inspect are frequencies that suggest what we should become at the end of the path; therefore, the energy vibrates within us, but we must live within the full vitality of all other numbers—and how they come together—to even come close to plunking ourselves suddenly at the end of our journey before we put one foot on the start of our path. This can be called, “putting the cart before the horse.”
The numerologist then dictates to everyone who and what they are based upon the overall interpretation of each one number. A 3 is this and that. A 4 that and this. And a 5, oh, my, well you are that, that and this. Impossible. Even when we look at the movement of snowflakes we know this not to fathomed for one moment in our lives, for there are zillions of snowflakes falling, but no two have ever been alike; therefore, they maintain their individuality as they gracefully surrender to the plains of Earth. Nature abhors all things identical, for this is a planet, not only of approximations, but individuality that is differentiated within the whole.
A numerologist is not supposed to anchor down vibrations, define them as concrete, nor enslave them to become generalized forms in time, freezing them to be molded into marble statues. A numerologist is supposed to light upon the numbers, follow the patterns existing within the now and feel the frequency of their cascading movement. Even in arithmetic numbers create patterns and it is within the process of equations that is important for us to embrace.
Consequently, I ask that you throw off this yoke of ignorance, for it is not truth of numerology at all. This is a commercialized version that was enhanced by Victorian Age seers and has now become a lie within our psyches. Do not allow yourselves to be reduced down to anything on this planet, especially in numerology, for you do not deserve this. You do not need to be bamboozled or hoodwinked in believing this is what and who you are. And if you wish to contest this, please look at the principles in nature that exist on a cosmic scale to see if there is an example of such a silly thing on a continuous basis. Even the cells in our bodies do pull this stunt, for they cooperate one with another, nestle, snuggle, interact and bond. They do not conquer one another for just one cell to prevail or else this planet would be inhabited by amoebas and nothing else.
Revel in your multitudinous self.

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