2015 and January 2015

We are all programmed to believe that each January 1 will open a New Year for us filled with hope, promise and new beginnings. In actuality we are all governed by cycles, periodic change and laws of Rhythm that don’t necessarily begin in January and end in December. Yet, we can understand the cycles when we look at seasonal changes and also cycles of the moon. These are more accurate. Spring is time to begin. Summer is time to cultivate. Fall is time to reclaim. Winter is time for rest and planning. Along with monthly moon cycles these are the heartbeats of Gaia.
2015 is an 8 year.
Flip the 8 to be horizontal and there is the sign of infinity. This is how 2015 will move. As you can see when the 8 is horizontal there are two “o” that must be balanced together. One is the Above, or heaven, and the other is Below, or Earth. Above means intuition, inspiration from a higher source and Below means logic and reason. For us to manifest in 2015 there must be balance between Above and Below, or head and heart. We cannot operate from just one place; say logic without feeling heart, which means compassion.
When the 8 is flipped we see there are ups and downs, troughs and mountains so to speak. Life does not move in a linear line, or straight line, but moves more like the movement of the dragon, every winding its way upwards to heaven while flying free over the earth. 2015 will have dips and valleys, but mountains and flying as well. This happens for us to create greater balance within us so that we can manifest from head and heart at the same time.
2015 is a year of manifestation, yet we cannot focus solely upon just manifesting through logic and reason. We must dedicate our hearts to the well being of all living creations and we must always pull wisdom down from the Above to integrate with our below. Consequently 2015 can be the year of the magician or the year of Kali. This means if we pushed through life with ego to use our pride to manifest for self all comforts possessions, we will experience the dip in the valley, or what the Mayan called the “dark rift” of the Milky Way. We will descend to the underworld of our deepest meaning and being; only so that we can climb back to the Above. Greedy fortunes can be lost, mountain energy rises and worldly finances that are not fair can topple, for 2015 is the year of Righting the causes. 2015 is governed by law, mandated by doing what is right for the All and will show no mercy. 2015 is governed by Ganesha and Anubis; the year of judgment. Consequently, be certain to weigh all options, all pros and cons and be certain to come from a place of fairness, justice, social equality, earthly equality and not a place of egocentric behavior. Use your wise use of judgmental abilities and be certain your discernment is weighed in head and heart at all times. Know that what we want to manifest has its rewards and consequences for all living beings. Be careful of your purchases; this means shop more locally and purchase products that do not harm any eco-system, living creation and deplete resources. Do not play a role in the exploitation of any living being; for instance do not go to places, like SeaWorld, that deprives living beings of their freedom within their own habitats. This is exploitation, which will not be rewarded within the fabric of our being together. Make choices wisely!
January 2015 is a 9 month. Confrontational. An exit month. Volcanic month. Since the 8 of 2015 joins with the 9 of January this is a highly active month on earth, veils are thinner and emotions will escalate. Yet, it is a month of action; taking action to put forth a plan that has been created through discernment, fairness and equality. Do not get into heavy confrontations in January, but try for being more tolerant, forgiving, understanding and patient. Allow all others their freedom of expression and movement. Do not worry. Do not take on stress and do not abandon one another.
Our greatest miracles come from our being there for others. We cannot create miracles alone. We must help advance others, advocate for others, be generous for others and want to see others succeed and be happy as well as ourselves. 2015 is not a time for self-illusions, or the strife of self to manifest only for self. Be there for others, uplift others, be resourceful for others and know that when do this life’s rewards are much more plentiful. Be careful of pride and possessions. Very careful.
We can be the magicians not only for self, but others as long as we maintain intentions of fairness and doing what’s right for the All. 2015 is a crucial year for this balance for the energies can be relentless and seemingly apathetic. The Scrooges of our societies will lose their kingdoms. This is the doer year to get things done, to rise higher and to join with others in that ascension. There will be shifting land changes and financial institutional collapse; opening the pathway for new institutions to be created that balances heaven and earth, or head with heart. If you have operated from this balance then rewards will shower over you like petals dropped from the clouds above us. If not there can be a reverse. Please know 2015 is periodic change, reversal and the law of rhythm in movement.

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