2015 Very Important Year for Manifesting

2015 Very important year

The best way to view 2015 is through the infinity sign. 2015 is a 8 year, which has its own interpretation of balancing two worlds, the lower part of the 8 and the upper part of the 8. One cannot live in one world without living in the other and equilibrium should be sought between the two. The infinity sign symbolizes energy that is continuously connected.
This can be equal to balancing head and heart or logos and pathos, making certain that there is a positive stream of consciousness between head and heart. This also means there must be balance between conscious and subconscious energy, for both have to be aligned with one another and not in conflict, for instance if the conscious self says “I will begin a consulting firm,” then that suggestion must be enhanced in the subconscious. The subconscious cannot say, “I’m not smart enough to create a consulting firm.” Both worlds must cooperate with one another; therefore, the conscious and subconscious must both say and feel together: “I will begin the consulting firm.” Basically, if we say we are going to do something we have to affirm this at all times inside and through our actions. This is not the time for manipulation of self or others.
Manipulation means we say one thing to others and self then do something entirely different. We make promises we don’t keep. In a 8 year this has large repercussions in the fabric around us. We can see this as creating fractals of energy not only in our lives, but others as well. If we tell another person we will help them with their endeavor or we will supply information for them or we will add to their cause and then do nothing, then this will not only reverberate in our lives, but their life as well. We must be extremely careful of this in 2015 and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities positively.
When we look at the infinity sign we see that though there is movement up and down, around, under and back up again, we also see there is a continuous flow to the energy, it does not separate, part from itself or go off in another direction. This means “You reap what you sow,” for the continuous energy that is put into something will flow with action and become manifest. If we spent our time making good in our words, actions will follow and if we have intentions of not making good in our words and not fostering the highest good for those around us then the same will become manifest in our lives and energy field tying us up neatly into the little bow of the infinity sign.
Consequently, 2015 is a direct result of all of our actions and will reverberate either with rewards or consequences creating fractals of energy around us and knitting others together in this energy. The answer lies in doing what is right for us and for others and maintaining the energy positively in two worlds; head and heart and conscious and subconscious. Our higher self will work strictly from the place that is higher on the infinity sign around us.
I have never warned people before, but I have been asking many clients to be very careful with their discernment process because this is a precarious year, either complemented by the law of reversal and law of rhythm or (and) following the process of “You reap what you sew,” which means if we planted the seed, nurtured it then fruits of success will ripen. If we just blew hot air and planted no seed, then there will be no fruits whatsoever.
This is a year of law and justice. This year also enhances fairness. 2015 is a time of manifestation and because this energy is large we human beings are going to be propelled into deliberate action. We will plow forth into opportunities, many opportunities, and want the ripened fruit; however, if past actions were dubious and not well meaning then the fractal energy will shatter around us and others.
Yes, we do have to be extremely careful in all decisions and actions we make. We too must maintain that balance inside so that our higher selves and energies around us send these vibrations outwards for our benefit.

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