Gnobo Calypso 2014

When we look at the years coming to us, and the ones stretched out before us as if shooting into the stars winking over us, we should visualize each year as a large smooth stone, flat and strong, that has many pebbles scattered round it for easy footing. Depending on our own viewpoints, our own experiences, and our own tryst within our hearts, depends on the colors of the stones and pebbles. We can see them as dove-tail white, offering a splendid staircase of possibilities before us or we can see them as black as the corners in a forgotten bungalow, eaten away by bugs hungry in the daylight. This is our choice. Yet, however, we see them they are stepping stones that are gathered together for our ascension to seek and wonder with awe the many plateaus we can all embrace. These stones, these pebbles, these years are adjusted for our guidance and nothing more. Lacking portents, lacking a giant eye in the sky that demands our constant attention and punishes us for being human and alive, the years merely offer us higher principles along our path. By our taking note, nodding with a slight head of agreement, we can be eased quietly onto those stones, by way of the pebbles, and live within the shared absolute morals that keep us bound to all of living creation. Or we can ignore them as if they are not there and continue to ply the waters of life with our own hubris, stubborn anxiety and fiefdom. After all, this too is our choice.
When we look at 2014 the main large smooth stone, flat and strong, is a 7 energy. This means we will all be able to go deeper inside of ourselves to find gifts, talents, skills, and vocations we only dreamed about, but can finally permit their flight to integrate with our normal routines. We can advance, finally specialize and come to many realizations about ourselves that we only dreamed about when alone; when no one else is listening, gathered to take a peek of our motivations. And through this process we link ourselves more eternally with our humanity and with all of life, the living; creeping, crawling, sprinting, running, laughing and crying in the herds. We too have an opportunity for emotional expression and our emotive self will finally be released, like water over a dam, to have release, recognition, validation, confirmation and seek the closure to old wounds and scars. Many of us will want to separate from the masses, find peace, quiet, solitude and surrender to higher forces that will open wide arms to us. Many of us will be maudlin, weepy-eyed, sensitive and squander practicality to the sands of beaches because we know that we must finally open ourselves to the mysteries that have laid embedded as pearls in our hearts. But this will free us to live in the higher principles of where our origins actually lie. Spirituality, religion, philosophy, theosophy, anthropology, sociology and new discoveries in psychology will create new interest in us. We will research, study, look for new avenues, new approaches, new methods, and new inventions to rewards us with greater meaning in our lives. We will search for truth! We will release that inner seeker from our hearts to fly, not only across the earth, but as far into the cosmos as we allow ourselves to flit. This year is a time to fly higher. All of us. All living creations.
The smaller pebbles tell us how to engage our step. The first pebble is a 2. This means we do all of the above, not for us, but for all living creations to seek harmony, balance, equilibrium through tact, diplomacy and the spirit of cooperation. We have to allow the feminine of our hearts to be expressed to guide us through protection, intuition, compassion and a strong sense of inclusion, of all of life belonging one to each other. Then with the 0 we allow the higher forces to direct us and if we fight against this we might find peril, or that we have landed on earth with a splat. We have to have faith, dig deeper into our faith and trust that all will be well, but not just for us, but for the best and highest good of the all. Trust and faith will either be challenged this year, or unfold to us like petals of the lotus. The choice is ours. We must learn to be more trusting and have joy in our faith, not only for higher reflections, but all of life.
Water, from round the globe will play an important part in the cleansing of the earth. We must be careful to take note of our living too close to its edge and we must respect the higher forces of nature that will seek balance with the blood of its pores. Water too, especially spring water, will give us healing.
Then comes the 1 and the 4. The 1 brings in our creative resolve, our individual expression, our innovation and our implementing new guidance in the world. The 4 allows us to create new structure, framework, security and stability, but not just for us, but for life all around us. We will tend to our gardens but make them more fruitful bearing the most nutritious fruits that can serve us all better. We will implant new ideas, new theories, new doctrines, new causes, new institutions and, most of all, new educational facilities and practices across the land. We will seek to bring truth to the masses. No longer will we be duped, bamboozled or hoodwinked by old dogmas and rigid rules that seek to control. We will banish them as they should have been banished a long time ago. We will challenge, not to conquer, but to share truth.
2014 then, becomes a stone we stand upon to wake the beauty of our souls into existence and by doing so we will honor and value all of life and its living creations. We will not do this just for us, but for the truth of our evolution that exists in the light of compassion and gentleness. Please don’t seek rewards of materialism; seek, instead, the higher plateaus for us all to stand upon; from the microorganisms in a pond to the whales diving past the coral reefs. In truth rewards are babbles anyway that are worn away in time; rewards are rich with shared absolute values that only manifest energy in the babbles. 2014 guides us to peel back those heavy bands and embrace the nectar, ambrosia of life.

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