Are You Psychic?

As a Master Mystical Numerologist who conducts sessions of accurate counseling for others, many people ask if I’m psychic. Even though I will give guidance on a client’s mission, life path, balance, career, love life, etc., sometimes there is more expert counseling that comes from the realm of spirit and when this happens I must bring forth all messages received. Now, I don’t equate this insight with clairvoyance or even psychic experiences or abilities only because I firmly believe we are all interconnected and there is more happening in the invisible than the 3rd dimensional visible world—which is only optical illusions anyway. I believe spirit is first, mental is the builder and the physical is the result. Consequently I will open myself to any and all suggestions that come to me from higher dimensions only because I know that what I do I do not do alone and I also firmly believe no living being is alone but has much companionship from the invisible since that is where all truth lies. My being psychic or not has nothing to do with these sessions and channeling is about the client within the moment and for that client to live in his or her full potential with joy in heart. I believe that if I began questioning where these inspirations come from, why the client and I are having a numinous moment or even what voice was that I just heard loud and clear, then I would lose my objectivity and begin expecting the same conditions with all clients. It’s just not so. Sometimes I’ll receive from other places for the benefit of the client and sometimes I won’t, therefore, I cannot say one way or another what will happen during a session. I do;however, always have tools for synchronicity in place just in case there is a lot of information coming through and my own imagination dances with it. I have the tools so that I can remain focused and clear for the client and as objective as possible even though there is much chattering sometimes, and sometimes nothing at all, or sometimes a whisper and sometimes just an image. I can never tell anyone that I am psychic or more psychic than they are for this too is not true. We all have the capability, but those who choose to live as an automaton following the scripts of society are least likely to be inspired by objective truth from the invisible. To answer the question Are you psychic? My answer is: no more or less than you, but I do like to be as open and objective as possible for the client and this is a tremendous feat for me because I am extremely single minded about my work and all that is engaged. Yet my being single minded benefits the client because I don’t fall prey very easily to anything new and astounding that comes along. I will firstly open me to be objective to the invisible and seek answers there and if they match up I might investigate whatever it was that popped up and see if it will aid my clients. If not, I simply brush it aside. Anything that involves spiritual lobotomy or another person voodooing DNA or RNA I have nothing to do with and neither should you because we are here to feel, not judge our behavior and experiences. How we feel always decides upon our consciousness not how we think, for how we ultimately feel is actually how the deepest levels of our thoughts waken to think us into action. Consequently we are heart centered working from two brains, the lower subconscious in the stomach and the logical one in our head. Anything that disrupts this or tries to is false. To have cooperation between the two brains and heart is the most we can all ask for in the human form. This is truth and is called mother-father-child. Anything that disrupts this or assassinates one energy for the other is not truth and should not be allowed. Live fully in the trinity of self and don’t look for any of these three energies in another person until they are well balanced and integrated in self first. And don’t let anyone trick you into annihilating any one of them either for we need all three in order to feel. Am I psychic? No more than you are, revel in your multitudinous self.

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