Hearing that Marianne Williamson was coming to town was like getting wind that a rarely seen exotic bird would be landing, stretching out her wings and sharing her plumage with those who would gather round her.
Even though there was some debate whether she would speak or not, didn’t much matter. Hearts automatically open to receive this messenger of love in whatever shape she graces us with. I always thought of her as a Nana Mouskouri, yet in lecturing form. Nana prefers to sing in four different languages about love. Either way, both women influence the world of saddened hearts, embittered with a feeling of hopelessness. Once they arrive and share their own hearts, the taste of sour yesterdays is replaced with the ambrosia of our today.
Turned out Marianne stood before us in flesh and high heels, her appearance illuminated by her own “Illuminata.” She spoke for about an hour before the debut of the film “Awakening,” which was directed by a ruggedly handsome young man from Hawaii, named Sebastian. The movie was beautiful. Both were part of the Sedona Film Festival; an exhilarating time for locals and visitors to view fresh new films.
The auditorium was packed. The promoters of the Festival even tried to squeeze in the 40 or so people regimented in the “rush” line. This was the place of limbo where a seat could be had if there were no-shows. There were no no-shows. Consequently they were herded in with the rest of us and directed to folding chairs lined in aisles.
We dared not breathe when Marianne spoke. If we breathed too loudly, coughed suddenly or sneezed we might miss one precious word, which was like the releasing of doves from silken robes. We all sat transfixed to this priestess, drawing down the moon, and offering us to the universal goddess with pink palms and a calm heart. The power generated by her presence came through in her poetic dialogue and perfect poise. Marianne has her own language that sweeps with periscope- perception. As if all of the Ascended Master whispered in her ears, she manifests the elixir of their wisdom with her own individual flare for beauty and compassion
And this is precisely how her life path patterns move.
Marianne is a Cancer 88 with a 23/5 Life Path.
One thing that I can certainly interpret about this spiritual teacher is that she is a woman who has come into her own power. And with the 88 in her life path, the word power is the strongest influence. The 88 brings in bold ancestry of wisdom and truth, either from genes or from many incarnations on the planet. This is a potent vibration that links with the whales because it carries the planet’s Akashic Records within it and enlightenment from a collective that is several frequencies (dimensions) higher than Earth’s group consciousness. There is a telescopic perception that sees through life and the living as if she had x-ray vision, but it would be automatic for her to feel.
In her book “A Woman’s Worth” Marianne makes mention of a past boyfriend who said, “She would be the least likely to be successful.” I was stung by this as if by the stinger of man’s ignorance. I could not imagine anyone being round her presence—at any time in her life—and not feel the power emitting from her skin. I could only think that that man would want to repress those vibrations. On page 127, Marianne says, “And that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to take people higher, the way artists did, and philosophers.” This is the 88 potential. It was always there waiting to manifest.
The 88 is an exceedingly robust energy that manifests from the earth from the gifts of the virtuoso. This pattern is for the worldly visionary. Most men who have it, like J.P. Morgan, use this energy to amass great fortunes for self. Yet, with women the 88 is difficult to manage because it does bring in confidence, authority, the cosmic doer, the strength of mountains and resonates with Hanuman, the monkey-god from “Ramayama.” Hanuman had the ability of transforming from a simple domestic squirrel monkey to being larger than Gaia herself. Sometimes the body is just too frail to contain this energy and, yes, this is hard to balance because of the tremendous weight it has in the 3rd dimension. To try to contain this energy, or even repress it is equal towards subduing the thunder in the heavens. And that simply cannot be done.
The 88 is a magical carpet ride through the vestiges of vast potential. And as long as the individual maintains optimistic thought processes good fortunes—-greater than having a genie in a bottle—can be rewarded. But when it turns to the negative the fall from heaven creates an explosion on the earth. The 88 is used to bring forth the high visionary’s purpose for the best well-being of all living creations on the planet. And it works.
The 88 resonates with all classics, especially in music, philosophy, literature, architecture and language. The 88 corresponds to the 88 keys of the piano and the individual makes use of creating new octaves from the music of her sonata, which is turned into a concerto for the living. Working with the 44 white positive keys and the 44 black negative keys, Marianne creates new concertos that must be weighed heavily on doing what is Right for the justice, fairness and balance of all people. This is a tremendous responsibility for the body engages in such transformation from knotting of nerves and muscles to a feeling of being stretched as tightly as harp strings. The 88 is a lot to contain, because it simply cannot be contained. To release the full potency feels as if she can create tsunamis on the planet. And it could very well be. Therefore, using cosmic discernment is vital.
(I am very surprised Marianne does not play a musical instrument, especially guitar, piano or harp, for she would take to this quite well. But I also know—since she has the free spirited pattern of 555 in her name— to limit this woman is impossible; meaning she must see some sort of limitations with this for her not to do so. And because of the 555 this is the only reason men can’t catch her. Marianne’s energy is too enigmatic for them and far too free spirited. Yet, the 555 loves coition with the opposite sex as long as it is not inhabited. This energy is pure creative generative power.)
Marianne’s life path comes out to a 23/5. Consequently it reads Cancer 7 – 8 – 8 (1952=8) > 23/5. This is interpreted as 88/23-5.
The 23/5 is the gift of the writer, lecturer and public speaker. One irrefutable trait of the 23/5 is the gift for words. Some use this in marketing, sales, storytelling, playwriting, novels or commercialism. The ones who use it for literary, public speaking and lecturing do the most justice to this energy. The 23/5 is the motivator, people pleaser and tantalizes others with gifts in language, poetry and written words. This is also a highly sensual/sexual pattern and one needs to be very mindful that addictions are common to this number. There must be moderation. Addictions are high because the energy is intellectual and high and doesn’t turn off, even in sleep: A constant channeling going on all of the time.
Generally individuals with a 23 life path have a much easier life than others, because this is another good fortune pattern. Most people with a 5 life path have an easier life than us. Yet, the 23/5 gets complicated by the double 8’s in Marianne’s movement. She is governed by change that is cyclic and there is periodic change of ups and downs; great heights and low lows. But since the Law of Rhythm resonates in the 88’s these things happen for balancing only. Marianne must be mindful to get a lot of body work done, visit the mountains as frequently as possible, know what minerals are lacking in her body— because she absorbed them faster than most—- and pay strict attention to her bones and muscles. Once her neck begins to hurt or ache, she must cease what she is doing to go into a more relaxed state, for stress, tension, anxiousness, restlessness and going beyond the limitations of her body is strong in her chart. Calcium and zinc should be monitored. Be under pines, in hot springs to absorb the natural minerals from the earth. Flotation tanks with these minerals, and lavender, will benefit her.
(Marianne must also be careful because she is connected to that place of ancestry where other people have left the planet and refuse to move on. They are very much attracted to her power. Japanese call them “magatsuhi.” Disembodied overly ambitious souls refusing to remain disembodied. They come in through the tension of the neck and try to manipulate through the physical body.)
The double 8’s bring in many rewards from previous lives, but are only activated upon bringing forth the visionary’s intentions of manifesting well-being for all living creations. If this is turned into the negative it eventually becomes fatal. Ride the magic carpet ride for the dreams of all.
Marianne is that rare exotic bird of the refined classics of our planet. She is to motivate others to be uplifted and she chooses the path and message of love. When the Laws of Rhythm move her she should go see the whales, the pines, and the mountains; ease into hot springs in a natural environment. When periodic change happens, don’t be stressed, but listen to classical piano music to block all negativity in the world, because you have a body that can trap this energy unintentionally like absorbing the clap of thunder internally.
Thank you for being with us.

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