Monthly Pattern Movement

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October 2012

April triad movement

Plato talked about the “World Soul.” In describing this he said that there were one hundred and twenty triangles that created our planet’s energy. This can be considered a grid or ley lines.
Microbes create life. When we look at the tiniest microorganism there are a few principles that are mirrored in all organic life forms. For instance microorganisms look for their own niche. We do the same. Microorganisms have self-emergence and self-organization. We should do the same. Microorganisms join with other microorganisms to create a new niche, or join in a larger niche. We do the same. Microorganisms join to become something greater and larger. We should do this as well.
On Gaia we are governed by principles in Nature. It is wise we understand these principles because then we can better understand what we call “spirit.” The microorganisms are actually the end result of the movement of energy or vibrations within them, which can be called “spirit.” Consequently when we look at the end result of the physical manifestation we know that vibrations (or spirit) created what has been manifested before our eyes. Everything vibrates. Nothing is at rest.
Our planet, Gaia, is a third dimensional world that revolves round gravity and relativity. This is the heaviest dimension of them all. This is the lowest dimension. This is called gross mundane. On this planet the physical manifestation of energy-vibrations-spirit is always subject to change within moments. Therefore nothing is ever set, established or definitive. Since everything vibrates then nothing is at rest. There is continuous movement. This is due to wave frequencies and what physicists call “Qwiffs” (Quantum wave functions.) What this means is that we need to embrace the moment at hand to create self-organization of our individual self to have greater future probabilities.
There is order to this changeable state and these are called principles. Order can also be seen in Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is not set and has room for expansion, but the forms create proportion and aesthetics. This means the form is not set, yet the form has order around it. Since all Sacred Geometry has the Golden Phi, this is a ratio that is not set, but offers proportion only. Consequently when we work with Sacred Geometry we are working with proportion that creates order in a changeable universe that has many wave lengths, qwiffs and vibrations. Since this exists as proportion, but not as a material state, we can uplift ourselves to vibrate within these forms.
When we work with the monthly interpretation of patterns/numbers we work with the proportionate forms of Sacred Geometry that joins other forms in an ever-functioning, ever-in-motion, and ever-changing world. This means this can and will change during cycles and will not be the same next year at this time. However, we also look at Plato’s interpretation of the “World Soul” and we image the 120 triangles patterned round the globe. When we image this we look at larger proportionate forms that we wish for our smaller proportionate forms to become a part of so that we can create order for ourselves. This is the magic of working with Mystical Numerology.
What I write is not definitive, but offers guidelines for you to create order in your life. Since the triad/triangle gives us completion within its proportion, then we use our creative visualization to image a triangle around us so that we have order to our lives instead of disorder. What I write can never be established and set, for I only offer symbols as guidelines for you to follow so that you have a means to walk on your own path.
Sort of like a snowplow.
I will plow a path for you, but only you can decide if this is the path you wish to take. I can plow a path for you, but there may be another blizzard coming out of the North once again. I may plow a path for you, but you might want to use your own snowplow. You see nothing can ever be definitive. My work is only to guide you with possibilities in a changeable universe that has simplistic proportions of beauty to embrace. Even the beauty is changeable due to future probabilities, yet within these moments remains beautiful.
The month of April 2012 is one of those moments, as are all moments we are alive.
This is the triad for April. April is a 45/9 month.
5/diversity, variety, investigative

4/framework, structure, pathways 9/transformation, passion, freedom

The interpretation (guidelines) would then say that April 2012 (April: 4/2012: 5 = 45/9) brings in a triangle of looking at the structure (and its weakness) to build stronger with greater diversity and variety for the transformation and freedom of the living.
We can use these guidelines to settle differences for we look at the structure, the root of the cause, then we bring in more variety and investigative energies to transform that weak structure into something that creates greater freedoms. This can be used in personal lives, business, finance and romance. By moving with the 4>5>9 energies of a triad/triangle we have guidelines of future probabilities within the potential of these larger energies. When we look at the microbes seeking self-emergence and self organization then we understand these are principles that govern our organic form as well. And when we look at Plato’s World Soul of one hundred and twenty triangles we breathe more lightly to know there is order around us we can embrace for ourselves.
This is the science and magic that is within Gnobo’s Mystical Numerology.


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