Dream Work

Maxfield Parrish “Dinky Bird”

Before the Industrial Revolution stormed the globe—– with the sacrifice of whales world-wide—- and commercialism grounded we human beings to materialistic strife dreams were not “bizarre.” Within some indigenous cultures and Native American tribes the telling of dreams was part of a weekly routine.
Dreams are the communication of the soul.
If we block this communication with many distractions of the technological world—seeking preoccupations instead with gadgets and false social networks—-we remain with the feeling of being separated from self.
Dreams offer a progressive experience of discovery. Within dreams we not only allow our emotions to be explored with a variety of expressions, but we experience new scenarios that have greater possibilities and higher future probabilities. And this happens within the moment, outside of a dimension governed by gravity, that is more free, unlimited and resonates with the innateness of who we actually are. Dreams then can have a feeling of a greater reality within the progressive experience of discoveries of self and others.
No one can say to another person that there are only 3 different kinds of dreams. This, to me, is limiting. No two people experience the same exact dream, although we travel in each other’s dreams, which can be considered dimensions. Still, since we are individuals only we can decide if there are 3 types of dreams or more. I find various levels, various dimensions and know that these cannot actually be defined. Once I define them I look for the meaning within the defined category and see that I lose the interpretation. Consequently, what I find the most valuable part of dreams is the emotion felt within the experience of the dream. And the emotion I wake with. Therefore recalling the dreams is difficult if I don’t embrace the emotion within the dream firstly. Once I embrace the emotions then the details of the dream come to me more easily. I relive the experience on a smaller scale.
With the communication of the soul through dreams I have come to know and feel that life is within the moment only. There is no past or future that has to be held onto so tightly. Within each moment is the experience at hand. And the experience at hand is what dreams bring to us. Even though there may be some details from the past—or future—for the most part the emotions expressed within the moment is what is most important within the communication of the soul. It’s a communication saying, “Well, try this one on for size,” or “How does this feel?”
Although dreams allow us to give life to our emotions with interactions not only with peers, but also guides, they gives us abstract thinking chockfull of many variables we did not think of before. I feel the most perfected intricate system that exists within the living is dreams. The creative precision is extraordinary and dreams always astound me for the accuracy of answers I receive. What is of the highest order—for me—are the guides that surround me, giving me advice to think about, but never forcing me into a dogmatism that does not exist, for dreams are experiences within the moment. Yet, they validate that our existence is much more magnificent than we are lead to believe. If we believe in ourselves through the experiences when the body is at rest, we can manifest this magnificence on a day-to-day level.
If I dream of a strange world with “bizarre” creatures, I no longer try to analyze just what that bizarre creature means. I immediately look at the emotion I felt with the interaction with that bizarre creature. Once I do this I find my answers. These answers are always of a much higher philosophy than what I could unearth in the relative reality. They are also of a higher science, a higher metaphysics and a higher psychology than what I am presently schooled in.
My dream work with others is to be a guide. Not an interpreter. No one, but the dreamer can interpret a dream—if that is what has to be done. (Frankly, I feel we have to understand the emotion within the experience greater than interpreting a dream, for after all a lot of dreams cannot be interpreted.) My being a guide with others in dream work allows a person to re-enter a dream fully and, with my guidance, explore safely the emotions of the experience. Only then can we have clarity of details for self which supply the answers we need within the moment of time.
Dreams are the communication of the soul.
I believe if we don’t know who we are, by what we feel in the experience of dreams, then we don’t know who we are at all. Dreams also show to us the greatest possibilities of who we can be in the present life-time, and remind us through this of our true paths. My being a Mystical Numerologist I see that this possibility has ties to the Life Lesson of a person’s birth date. All people I have worked with explain the person they are in their dreams, and I find this association strong with the life path pattern. Therefore, it is easy for me to guide them as to what to do about not only the dream but the quandary within the moment in the relative reality.
The preoccupation of our present madness with commercialism and technology takes us far away from our natural communication with the soul. Dreams too reflect principles found in nature. For instance with every nanosecond that we are alive we have the opportunity for change, renewal, growth and transformation. This too is shown to us in dreams. Nature seeks balance and through the emotions of the experience in dreams we can balance between head and heart more easily. If we do not reconnect with our dreams on a daily basis we become a member of a herd that is heading for a cliff. We must embrace ourselves as individuals and want to understand us better so that we can truly understand others. It’s the only way that this can be done.
Let me help you re-establish the natural communication process with you.



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