Testimonials from customers:

Hi Gnobo

Your reading was truly amazing and so inspiring, I have a whole new paradigm now.
The reading truly shifted me and my thinking about my future and I now know what to
do and feel blessed by your tremendous wisdom.  I will be sending many friends to you

Please feel free to use this on your testimonial page…..Anita O.

BRICE..... Thank you for the email. I want you to know that meeting you has been on of the special moments of my life as you truly did read me and put my awareness into a whole new understanding and perspective for me. I listen to my tapes on a regular basis and always get something more from it. Magic continues to happen around me and my third eye is more open than ever... We have a license –late that is “3RDEYE” on our motorhome... I will be calling you in the next few months to do a session so let me know when the best time is.
In spirit
Marlene Dube

I would like to thank you for seeing me on 12/29/07 in such a short notice. I needed that sessin very much. I had so many realizations from your session, and I got more confident and self-esteem back.
Since I came back to Atlanta, I am listening to the tape from our session every day just to remind me how wonderful my new life will be.
I will certainly let you know the name and birthday of my future boy friend, so that you can tell me if he is a master builder manifest !!
Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon in Sedona.
M. M.

HI Brice...Cheryl here... I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness shown to JoJo and me and our friends...and also for your compassion in our phone call last Sunday....I very much respect your professionalism and your incite...it has affected me in a way I cannot really describe....I have been doing the mantras and am beginning to journal my "how to's....you would be proud....and things you said play over in my mind as a reminder of sorts, of my path.....I spoke this morning to a friend of ours in New Jersey...she is a spiritual sister of mine who hs just become a Reiki Master..........she is very interested in contacting you and we have sent her all your info...her name is Lori Meyer and she is a very sweet spirit....just wanted you to know that and thank you again...I feel some connection to you that I am unable to explain, but for which I am very grateful to have felt....namaste'................c

Dear Brice,

Thank you for doing the mystic numerology reading for Brian & Michelle which was my birthday present from Dr. Sharon Forrest. I just finished listening to your CD and found it VERY interesting with absolutely “dead on” accuracy in so many areas.

Since I am familiar with numerology and sacred geometry, I am not surprised by your ability to tap into the truth that lies within our numbers and I thank you for the way you delivered the message with integrity, compassion and strong guidance of how to flow in life with these intense comparable patterns both of us share.

I smiled when you made suggestions for both of us that we have already begun implementing in our lives. (Brian is working on his black belt in Kung Fu and I am taking nature hikes at least 3 times per week). You did tell us both to follow our intuition and how right you are that when we do this, we can’t go wrong.

One of the areas I have felt challenged with most recently is self-discipline and restlessness. You certainly hit the nail on the head there. I thank you for all of the creative suggestions you have given me to work with to deal with all six of my fives! You spoke a lot about me being incredibly impatient and needing to become more patient and I feel very fortunate that most of the time, patience is a quality I do possess and have evolved into through my spiritual journey. Finding a way to channel all of the sensual/sexual energy I carry has been a process Dr. Sharon has really helped me with as well. Of course, that changed the dynamics in my relationship with Brian and we are working through that now.

You said Brian and I are both extremely physical people and found each other through that physicality. You couldn’t be more right and after 16 years of marriage and one 15 year old daughter later, we have both had to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of our individual physical appetites. We had a recent “epiphany” where we became “real” with each other about our relationship and listening to your CD gave me a lot more clarity on the “next now” for my path.

I haven’t shared the reading with Brian yet and am not quite sure how I will handle that at this point because he is in a very fragile state with his career. You had such great insights for him and I want to get the messages to him, but my intuition tells me to wait for the right timing…. Divine Timing… J I will say I see a great many changes in him for the better since he began to work towards letting go of ego and becoming more centered in his heart. The Marshall Arts training is fabulous including Thai Chi and he has also become a Master Scuba Instructor as a part time job that allows him to follow his passion. Both have been instrumental in channeling his highly aggressive and physical nature. I see a softer side in him and see that he is even dealing with his employees in a more compromising way and with more patience. So, your advice there was completely on target!

Thank you again, Brice! I really appreciate the way you conveyed your message to us and I will certainly be promoting you to my friends!

Waves of Radiant Love and Abundant Blessings to you,

Good evening Brice

You really know who I am. I’m laughing out loud. My whole life is focused on Being Spirit and Being Love. You are the only person I have spoken to who understood what I have been committed to for so many years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I sat down today and put together a series of talks over the next 6 months. I am excited. I am going to shine my light across the land. I am embracing upheaval tactfully. Yes, I’m laughing out loud again. I am speaking to the people thru my heart. This is perfect. I love it. I’ll shake them up. I will listen closely to your tape about merging more with my masculine energy. I will ask the Holy Spirit for help on this one – the answers will come.

I honor the magnificence in you, kind sir.

Love form Sharon

Hello Ladies & Gents,

I hope this note finds you all well in a time of concern. As I offered, I am forwarding the contact info to a world renown Numerologist who is the BEST OF THE BEST and is also a Intuitive, and likely more that he has never told me. Gnobo "Brice" Calypso can be reached at 928-300-3807, pelorusjack@q.com, www.mastermysticalnumerologist.com and in Sedona Arizona. I am confident you all trust my judgment and know I would never steer those in the wrong direction. I have in fact utilized Brice's services and found them to be profoundly accurate and enlightening to the point of astonishment, as you will see!! I have no need to say more about him as his reputation speaks for itself as you will find out, not to mention he has a great character, integrity and is a joy to work with. I receive NO compensation or benefit for this endorsement. I would also like to inform you that I have completed most of my advance coursework in Pranic Healing ( www.pranichealing.com ) and am offering FREE healing sessions for experience. We also are having free clinics at Central Coast Yoga studio here in Arroyo Grande on Tuesday evenings @ 7:30 p.m. I am overwhelmed with what I have observed and experienced during my course work and cannot ignore the "calling" to heal those in need, in fact some of you don't know it but I am "remotely" healing you or someone you know on occasion or as needed, including family members.
Some of you are already healers in another mode and I would be happy to share with you my knowledge to enhance our modes to better serve the world.
Also, we are always looking for volunteers to an organization I belong to called the Flying Samaritans (www.flyingsamaritans.org Gold Coast Chapter), there are chapters all over California, Arizona and I believe Texas, please refer to the website if you would like to participate. Thank you for your time and consideration and hope you find this information informative and enlightening!


Hi there

My name is Belinda P. – I am from England and I met you in November 2007 when I was passing through Sedona – you gave me a great numerology reading – which I very much enjoyed. You said that I had 4 rays and that things would certainly start to happen for me – well just to say that they have!! I have been to India twice since saw you and lots has happened. I am still not quite sure about what the Rays are…but anyway…………………I am enjoying the journey very much and I will always recommend you to friends passing through.

Hope you are well……….
Best wishes

Hi Brice,

Thanks for the chart in Yin Kwan. It has been very useful. Having read it, I feel much more present about that relationship being over and done. It gave me a greater perspective on the relationship really being my relationship with myself rather than his or "ours". I was having difficulty letting go of emotional attachment to good memories which would come up when I thought about what I would like in a new relationship. That, however, seems to have dissipated and I am
feeling quite different - more present and free.I am glad to say goodbye to that experience in my life and move forward in this adventure! Thank you very much.

My law practice has been extremely unsatisfying and a huge energy drain. My office help seems to have lost her memory and abilities and is becoming passive aggressive. What's going on at the moment?

Feeling down, Anise

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