October 2012

Personally, with all of my heart I feel living in a world and not recognizing magic and miracles is living a life inside of a tin foil box with no exit in it.
October 2012 is a month of magic and miracles, love, compassion and being bedazzled in nature and the beauty that exists all around us. This can be considered the month of unicorns, fairies, manatees, dolphins, mermaids, elves and star ancestors. Yet, we ask, “How can that be?” However, we only ask this because we have been programmed to no longer look into the invisible and see the truth of our energy bodies, quantum range and our being bio-photons. October 2012 is to embrace not only the magic and miracles that exist around us every nanosecond we are alive, but embrace our own inner magic, gifts, talents and high potentials to share with all living creations and bring love into the world and beauty back into hearts.
This is a heart month, a high feminine month of Venus and Isis, and a month to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, be in nature and open selves to the magic of the invisible to manifest in moments of perfection around you. Yet, please keep in mind we are on a planet of approximations revolving in a universe that has considerable accidents. Gaia , bring a microcosm of the macrocosm, duplicates this energy; therefore, we humans are prone to creating mistakes and accidents since nothing is definitive and perfection is momentary. That is why we must always embrace in our hearts that life is %10 of what happens and %90 of what we do about it, or how we handle the many accidents occurring from other humans every nanosecond we are alive. Most of what besets us today are not interferences from “spirit”— which are, in truth, the impartial energies of nature and the cosmos—-but considerable apathy, greed, selfishness, indifference and malevolence from other humans with no-so-nice motivations. Individual strife leads towards fiefdom and this narcissism is a powerful force in our world’s group consciousness. We can see this as part of the continuum if we like. We can also cower under this daily. Or we can lift ourselves above this dark layer just above our stratosphere and vibrate with higher octaves. I only hope most of you chose the later.
Magic is all around us. We mostly see this through nature. There are magical happenings through nature all of the time; every nanosecond we are alive. If you do not see this, then this is a good month to go into a forest, a glade, a meadow, the sea, a lake, a copse of trees, the points of mountains or in fern gullies and brook babbling serenity. Look about to see the magic blooming, blossoming and delighting our senses around us. Then hold this to your heart, come back to others and share this inspiration with everyone you meet, for October 2012 is to serve others through heart with no expectations, no wanting of rewards and certainly not being fueled with the words: “What’s in it for me?” Those very words are conquering words that nature does not recognize at all, for there are no answers within the now to be given. You will be met with silence. Fill your heart with the joy witnessed in the magic of nature and beauty, let this spill out into another’s heart and you won’t need to ask that question: “What’s in it for me?” because compassion has no boundaries and your heart knows this.
Re-embrace your heart by surrendering to your sorrows, your disappointments, your anger, your jealousy, your potency, your wrath, your manipulation, your tears and your rejections. Surrender self to this suffering and embrace the dark as being a part of the light, but do not any longer live in that darkness. Know you are entitled to the magic of a unicorn, the softness of a butterfly, the nuzzling of a dog’s nose, the warmth of blooming flowers, the sound of a babbling brook, the proprieties of clean water, the softness in a breeze and the whispering from the ones beyond the veils. Replenish your love for life, love for all that exists within the invisible then permit your most beautiful gifts to shine forth to uplift others and reestablish beauty and awe back in their hearts.
Paint a picture.
Write a poem.
Dance on your toes.
Enjoy your naked self.
Smile to you in the mirror.
Sing that old tune.
Touch the old hand of an elder.
Whisper into an animal’s ear.
Rise early to greet the Great Eastern Sun.
And allow your tears to flow with joy.
After you do this, help others to do this as well.
This is the magical months of gifts. Be prepared to receive.
The patterns of October 2012: October is 10 and 2012 is 5: 10+5 = 15/6. The 1 monad allows us to have our personal ownership in life and self-reliance. The 5 Pentad brings forth valuing in today’s life and living. And the 6 Hexad is nature and benevolence. Please remember it is the SPIRIT of HUMANS that create miracles and not just a spirit. It is our spirit that influences Gaia. Consequently only we can create miracles with the living. If we are not sharing, caring, supporting, fostering, encouraging, advocating, promoting, helping, loving or guiding other living entities than the miracle of the origin of Spirit becomes lost and captured in material vessels. Create miracles for others this month and they will come back to you.
Use the Hawaiian mantra “A KE AKUA” each day, for this allows you to be receptive. Believe in magic. Believe in miracles.
And be thankful for your breath.

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