Nene Leakes “Real Atlanta Housewives”

Sometimes I’ll turn on the television while I am eating a bowl of Capn’ Crunch cereal. I never do this at the same time each day because I don’t want to get drawn into the television shows. Mostly one has to tolerate the commercials which are on rapid fire as the show progresses. I don’t mind the shows—because I have a choice—-but commercialism is too “in your face.” I don’t care for that invasion.
Today, while eating Capn’ Crunch—and sharing kernels with my cockatoos and dogs—-“Wendy” was on. I’m not a fan of her show, but I am a fan of Wendy. Hollywood gossip is insignificant to me. Fads are transient because of commercialism. And recipes are boring since I don’t cook. But I like Wendy because she is bold, honest and is a good entertainer.
A woman named Nene Leakes from “Real Atlanta Housewives” was a guest on her show. Wendy put her on the “hot seat” which she calls “the couch.” There was discomfort on Nene’s behalf about her being “bossy” or a sweet lady. I became interested in Nene. The reason is because of the name Nene. I instantly recognized some patterns that are quite powerful, but I also felt Nene could not be her birth name. So, I had to investigate the charismatic woman to settle my curiosity not only of her name, but also if she was bossy or sweet or both.
She is both.
Let’s look at her patterns.
Birth: 12 – 13 – 1967
Birth name: Linnethia Monique Johnson
Nene’s power is in her first name which contrasts the day she was born on. Nene tried to impress upon Wendy that family was important to her, which would interpret as a compassionate woman who cares about wholesome values. She is correct, for Nene’s main interval is a 15/6. (An interval is a pattern that is duplicated throughout a person’s chart. An interval can be considered the pulse of the individual’s vibrations.)
For Nene to have a 15/6 interval means that she is drawn to truth, honesty, fairness and harmony. This would also mean that inheritance is very large in her life. Inheritance can also be gift giving and receiving, but generally means inheritance of money that comes as gifts. The 15/6 is also family/community and love. Even though Nene is born on the 13th, she is a person who blossoms better when loved and appreciated. (This aligns with a 23/5 in her will, which interprets that she loves to be in the center of attention and will find greater prestige and comfort by being in this arena. But she must be careful of addictions and a large sex drive.)
The 15/6 also interprets that she is drawn to beautiful things in life and materialism. Yet, this does not mean she is materialistic. But can be. To be drawn to the beauty of life is different and we Americans interpret this as stratification and status. This conflicts with Nene because she is drawn to beauty around her, but she detests pretention and pretentious people. Due to her will of being in the center of attention and wanting to please other people Nene would not distance herself from pretense and materialism, but not feel highly comfortable with this either.

The 15/6 brings forth the glimmer of magic. This is a woman who knows life should be magical and will seek magic, love and unity at all costs. She blossoms best with true honest friends who admire her, but she will also equally admire them. The 15/6 also interprets that she has many gifts and talents to be used in this life-time. Since this is a family pattern the closeness of home and domestic affairs are important to her. Home is very important, but it must have harmony. The difficulty with Nene is that she is born on the 13th which would bring in rule, authority, discipline, rigidity and her way or the highway. She has her own sense of order and cannot tolerate someone else creating chaos within her systems. Her home then would be highly ordered, well-organized, but have a high taste of comfort and casualness. Comfort would be stronger than materialism.
When Nene said she was a sweet woman and a family woman, this is correct, but only a part of who she is. This is the pulse that she wishes to live within, but she has exceedingly high energy that can take her away from her own values and down- home need in her life.
Nene is born on the 13th. This is 4 energy. This creates disturbances that just are not there. There is a lot of mental anguish with the 4 and since this exists so do disturbances. 4 energy is highly pessimistic in individuals and can be unruly if someone goes against their grain, their sense of order or their values. The 13th finds individuals that are very industrious, hard workers, enterprising, and stubborn. They display a highly dictatorial behavior with others that appear to be out of sorts, or unfocused. The 13th can bring in the tyrant but the best friend at the same time, for their loyalty is unmatched with other birth days. Nene would be a person who needs lots of praise and re-assurance in relationships and if she receives this honestly then there are no limits to her friendship and generosity. Should this be conflicted, then she will confront situations with straight forwardness and unyielding determination. There are a lot of times she broods alone feeling so alone in the world and terribly misunderstood, but she will also imagine conspiracies that just aren’t there. And when she does she will confront them head-on. The 4 energy is highly argumentative.
Her Life Lesson comes out to a 12/3. Because of this Nene is caught in a dichotomy within herself. She wants to stand her ground and be firm, but there is a wondrous quality of hers that just wants to be friends, let bygones be bygones and have fun with other people. The 3 energy in individuals bring in optimism, enthusiasm, child energy, spontaneity, light heartedness and a person who is incredible under pressure. The 3 energy in individuals brings in humor, joy, and a strong attraction to the opposite sex, but sometimes too dependent upon their approval. This can create abusive relationships.
Nene’s intuitive process would be to seek something firm, strong, secure and ordered, but at the same time she would seek to be in the center of attention, spread joy around her and be a beacon for others to follow. This becomes confusing to her. She knows she has equal standing of the pessimistic sourpuss while being the merry generous jester at the same time. She seeks the light but is just as comfortable in a dark room with covers thrown over her head. In public she will shine. In private there is mental anguish that can consume her.(There have been past hurts/harms that still haunt her.) She must be careful because of addictions from the use of illusionary solutions, isolating her emotions from others, carrying too much stress inside and not being seen as a compassionate person who enjoys the beauty of life. Nene will shop, gamble, drink and eat to soothe her ills. She knows she can teeter on the brink of a nervous breakdown. And when this woman explodes with anger there is a rage that is like a tsunami, for it will gobble up anyone in its path. This goes against her pulsing nature of wanting love, unity and a sense of belonging.
In the beginning of this interpretation I said that Nene’s power is within her first name. It is. The power of the 55 is excessive in her quantum field.
When a person has a spiral in his/her chart, this vibration becomes a vortex of energy that cannot be ignored. Nene has a 555 in her will that moves with the 23/5 and this is what most people would see in her.
This means her emotions can turn on a dime. The 555 is also an excellent money making pattern. Combine this with the inheritance/gifts in the 15/6—along with talents and tenacity found in the 13/4—-Nene would be highly capable of creating wealth in her life. Hopefully she will teach this to others, for this has a magnetic self-motivational power about her that others are drawn too.
The 555 and 23/5 works with new ideas, paradigms, practices, services and technology. The 555 likes things new, bright, exciting, cultural and diversified. Nene is a person who likes variety, diversification and all things shiny and new. But the 555 is highly sexual and highly sensual. In both there should be no limitations, but there must be balance (If no intimacy she will over indulge. Therefore she needs both at the same time; intimacy and sensuality to indulge moderatly.) This too would conflict with the day she was born on because there would be an initial conservative viewpoint on sex, friendships and intimacy. But behind closed doors there is a woman who is a tigress that does not want to be confined or contained. Nene would want to express her free spirit in an uninhabited relationship and this is very important. Limitations are difficult for her to deal with along with someone else trying to take authority over her. That person will suddenly have to deal with a highly obstinate individual who will become belligerent to the point of rage if she feels any violation against her free spirited notions. (I would imagine men have tried to rule over her and this is strictly against her nature, which would then bring in an abusive relationship.) Nene must have a relationship that is free and does not create restrictions or else it will not work. I suggest for her to be with a younger man who does not exist to be dependent upon her or to manipulate her for her generosity. I also suggest she learn to ride a motorcycle and get out on a sailboat in the middle of an ocean. She would find so much more freedom with these pleasures. Try also sailing in a hot air balloon.
Her chart is littered with 55’s. This means Nene is a very intelligent woman who learns fast, but she also has a remarkable clairvoyance that is quick fortune telling for her. Upon her first impression of meeting someone she will instantly know what the future brings for the union, especially with the opposite sex. But sometimes, Nene will just want to lower her defenses and have fun, which brings in consequences she didn’t count on. So, this creates another dichotomy for her. She wants to live as a free spirit and romp through life, but she is drawn to home and family, and also towards a social life where she can be gregarious and the center of attention. Both worlds must be balanced. If she lives too much in energy of always on the go, always traveling, always busy then her home life begins to suffer and the order she relies upon that creates stability for her will collapse. Nene will try to wrestle this back into her sense of order.
She’s a people pleaser and loves people, but loves to be loved equally. Due to a lot of mental anguish—-and a mind that never turns off—she will spend too much energy in her head trying to figure things out, when she should just relax, be round comedy, lightheartedness and people who are not negative, compulsive or create challenges. Nene just needs to take herself out of these environments momentarily because they do anguish her. Nene must allow her inner child play, and also find people who just want to play as well. She needs to be with child energy that is non-confrontational. This will create a needed balance in her life.
Nene is to have a life of travel. She should make investments for they will pay off for her. She will never fail, but investments will go up and down, eventually evening out for her. Nene will have a reward system activated in her life so that she can live comfortably. She must also find a mate who will not contain her or inhabit her in the bedroom. Let her use her exploration and investigate with her. I would think that finding a man to satisfy her would be difficult. I would also think he would not be the patient man she really needs. No man can ever own her and it took a long time for this woman to come to terms with this. Mostly Nene will push herself beyond her limitations and she needs a man who is equal with his own physical prowess and endurance. Nene can move fast and the man needs to be able to keep up with her.
To answer my initial question if Nene is bossy or sweet. She is both. But much more dynamic than these attributes. She is a vivacious woman drawn to excitement, praise and people, but she also needs friends who are lighthearted and fun. Home life must be maintained each week with domestic activities; cooking, watching television, playing games, etc. Publishing is also high in her chart as well as having an ability to uplift other people. Once she finds balance Nene can be a great motivator for other young black women, but she needs to let go of any need to create disturbances and disruption in other people’s lives. And this would be through gossip and intentional trouble making. She doesn’t mind rivaling others and will usually come out on top—after she dissolves inside of herself with stress and mental anguish.
Nene would prefer to be with an honest friend, unafraid to express self and blow bubbles beneath a large beautiful water fountain. Then off to a restaurant with a diversified menu and bill-of-fare. She’s a loyal friend who enjoys the true companionship of others.

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