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I, as a focused intuitive, am here for you.  No matter what you are going through, no matter what questions you have, no matter what anxiety you feel or no matter what confusion has left you unsettled, I am here for you and so are answers and valuable insight. 
     With over 35 years experience as a gifted counselor, coach, minister, adept, metaphysician, teacher, intuitive and humanitarian I bring forth ageless, yet timeless practices from esoteric sciences that have guided the lives of rulers, kings, queens, nobility, royalty and pharaohs throughout history. To find the right answers for you I can make use of one, two or maybe three different systems that have proven accuracy since the days of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Chaldea onward through today's Western and Eastern thinking.  This allows objectivity and cancels out any subjectivity on my behalf.
    What is in it for you is that you will be left with solutions to your questions, a higher path to follow that resonates with you, guidance of how to work through difficulties and greater prosperity and well being.  Accomplishment.  Transformation. Peace-of-mind.

Any question you have will receive answers.

  • Am I in the right vocation? Career? Workplace? Should I have my own business? Service?
  • My finances?
  • Marriage? Mate? Is this person compatible for a long term relationship? How can we find balance?  (I would need the individual's birth date information.)
  • I can't get right after his/her death. Can you help? (My gift only allows me to make contact when someone is deeply suffering.  For conversational purposes the connection is not made.)
  • When is the right time for me to move? 
  • What is the energy of this house/office I wish to move to? (I would need the physical address, please.)  Does this place resonate with me? Are there any troubles associated with it?
  • Can you shed light on my purpose or mission?
  • Can you tell me something about my past incarnations?
  • What is the best name for my new baby?
  • Why am I suffering? Is this karmic?
  • Can you explain what is in store for me this year? Forecasts? Predictions?
  • I've been having trouble with family members?  Why?  Children. Parents. Siblings. Etc. (I would need their birth dates, please.)
  • Should I make this move? To another house? City? State? Country?
  • Who would be the best employee for me to hire? Is she/he capable of fulfilling the job description?  Is there deceit?
  • Can you tell me about these people and if they make a good team for a new venture?
                 (Birth names and full birth dates are needed. Birth time as well for any astrological inquiries. For a full Egyptian Astrological report please give 4 days.)

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Testimonials from customers:

BRICE..... Thank you for the email. I want you to know that meeting you has been on of the special moments of my life as you truly did read me and put my awareness into a whole new understanding and perspective for me. I listen to my tapes on a regular basis and always get something more from it. Magic continues to happen around me and my third eye is more open than ever... We have a license –late that is “3RDEYE” on our motorhome... I will be calling you in the next few months to do a session so let me know when the best time is.
In spirit
Marlene Dube


I would like to thank you for seeing me on 12/29/07 in such a short notice. I needed that sessin very much. I had so many realizations from your session, and I got more confident and self-esteem back.
Since I came back to Atlanta, I am listening to the tape from our session every day just to remind me how wonderful my new life will be.
I will certainly let you know the name and birthday of my future boy friend, so that you can tell me if he is a master builder manifest !!
Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon in Sedona.
M. M.


HI Brice...Cheryl here... I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness shown to JoJo and me and our friends...and also for your compassion in our phone call last Sunday....I very much respect your professionalism and your has affected me in a way I cannot really describe....I have been doing the mantras and am beginning to journal my "how to' would be proud....and things you said play over in my mind as a reminder of sorts, of my path.....I spoke this morning to a friend of ours in New Jersey...she is a spiritual sister of mine who hs just become a Reiki Master..........she is very interested in contacting you and we have sent her all your info...her name is Lori Meyer and she is a very sweet spirit....just wanted you to know that and thank you again...I feel some connection to you that I am unable to explain, but for which I am very grateful to have felt....namaste'................c

My being a Master Mystical Numerologist, I am an interpreter of patterns / numbers, drawing upon ancient systems, but with current movement within our Age and Nature.

As an interpreter I can do anything with patterns/numbers and find any information one wants to seek. I can do this because I love Nature, love my work and love the forces that guide us.

Nature/God/Spirit, to me, signals to us through the Universal Language of numbers/patterns. As a Master I can interpret this language and the signals for your highest benefit and good.

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